Top 5 things for 4wders to do in lockdown.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to everyday life for billions of people across the planet. Entire countries are in lockdown, meaning citizens are legally forbidden to leave their homes, except for essential tasks like buying groceries or visiting the doctor. An event of this scale - which has not occurred since records began - will cause serious economic, social and psychological chaos.

Arguably, the most severely impacted are those within Australia's 4wd community. We may be biased, but when your body runs on the smell of eucalyptus, campfire smoke, wet mud and diesel fumes, being locked up at home is essentially torture. So what do you do to keep yourself sane? Here's 5 things you can try, as voted by us.

1: Work on your car

Smashed CV from a Nissan Patrol

This should be high on everyone's list. If you have a 4wd, there's either something broken on it or something you want to change. This applies to almost everyone and there's never been a better moment to get these tasks ticked off. Spend some of the time you've been given to replace that broken bash plate, finally get around to installing that light bar, and investigate that rattle.

There are also many 4wders who aren't mechanically minded - but having this knowledge can be life or death out in the bush in case your car breaks down. It's a great idea to learn to fix common bush repairs like broken CV joints, loose wheel bearings, broken engine belts & hoses, and electrical faults. Even simple things like changing a tyre can become complex in the bush. If you ever had a desire to learn these skills, now is the time.

2: Refresh your camping gear

Make sure your camping gear is clean and intact

Everyone's camping setup is different. Maybe you leave your camping gear in your rig so it's always ready to go. Perhaps you keep a few plastic crates filled with kitchenware on your garage shelf. Whatever you do, it's a great time to go through all your camping gear to make sure nothing has gone mouldy, nothing is broken and your kit isn't missing anything. This process will also reveal opportunities to improve your setup.

3. Camp out in your backyard

Set up camp in your backyard for an easy mini holiday.

You can't leave your home to go 4wding but that's not stopping you from camping out in your backyard. Once night falls and you have a fire going, you might as well be in the bush. Get the family involved and cozy up in a warm sleeping bag after roasting marshmallows. Best of all, if nature calls in the middle of the night you can always nip to the bathroom!

4. Plan your next adventure

Spend time in lockdown to plan your next adventure.

Planning your next 4wding trip is a great investment of time which pays off once you're out in the bush. Download the free Newtracs iOS app or check out our free live web map to virtually explore the 4,900+ 4wd tracks in our database. Our custom designed maps enable you to see 4wd tracks clearly to plan your next route. Remember to use the track saving feature in the iOS app to save tracks to your favourites so you can tick them off after the virus lockdown measures end.

5. Relax!

Chances are the COVID19 pandemic has had a significant impact on your everyday life. Make sure to take some of this extra time to relax. Go for a run, meditate, or whatever you do to clear your mind and give yourself a break.

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