Newtracs chats to Ticker about the future of 4wding

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Newtracs CEO and Founder James Nuccio was recently interviewed by Ticker anchor Ahron Young to discuss how the recently launched Newtracs 4wd track database platform will change the game in assisting people find places to go offroad tailored to their specific vehicle.

The world-first platform provides information on track difficulty by understanding who has travelled the track before, and taking into account the type of vehicle they were driving.

The unique value proposition lies within the track analysis engine, which can continually and automatically assess of the condition of remote bush trails by analysing GPS traces collected by users via the Newtracs iOS app.

This solves a pressing problem experienced by many 4wders - a lack of up-to-date, objective information on the condition of 4wd tracks - making it difficult for 4wd enthusiasts to plan trips (both beginners and seasoned veterans).

Popular navigation apps, like Google maps, don't take into account the condition or difficulty of remote tracks, often directing unsuspecting travellers down treacherous routes. Examples of this have occurred across the world, including Australia.

Many tourists also forget that remote areas in Australia often sit outside of mobile coverage, and that maps should be pre-downloaded prior to heading out. Users are often limited to downloading a small area of the map - which is fine for single trips. But when away for extended periods, ensuring you have access to the internet to download maps can become a drain and a source of stress. Newtracs solves this by allowing maps of an entire Australian state (or even the whole country!) to be downloaded to a device - so you never have to worry if you end up in an area without mobile coverage.

Newtracs' revolutionary concept has proven to be extremely successful since launch of their flagship iOS app in October 2019, amassing thousands of users in only a few short months. Nearly 200,000 kms of trips have been submitted for analysis by Newtracs users, which is continually analysed to adjust track information in real-time.

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