Grimme Creek good alternative to Butcher Country for thrillseekers

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

We recently visited the Macalister River in Victoria's High Country for 4 nights across Melbourne Cup Day weekend. We were looking forward to collecting valuable track logs tackling some challenging tracks, as well as a spot of fishing for mountain trout.

During our stay the platform assigned an 'Easy/Moderate' difficulty rating to the historically challenging Butcher Country Track (highlighted in green below). This is due to the recent grading work done on the track. Since it's still a steep climb, low range is recommended and mud tyres will help in wet weather.

There were a few minor obstacles that were picked up which coincide with the steepest areas of the track.

That being said, nearby Blue Plains Spur and Grimme Creek Track have not been bulldozed as yet and were more of a challenge, with very steep rocky sections and mud holes. The platform determined these to be fairly difficult (shown in red) and called out specific key obstacles such as the bottom of the valley in the middle section of track. Low range, mud tyres and decent lift are recommended (a diff lock would help immensely).

As a bonus we are testing out a new technique of finding tracks likely to see snow cover (because 4wding in the snow is awesome fun). These are shown by the high altitude blue areas in the attached pictures.

In other news, we are currently busy building the beta version of the Newtracs iOS app and will be launching early 2019. Make sure to sign up at to become eligible to get a first hand look as a beta tester upon launch. And stay tuned more info on app features and screenshots!

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