First trip out of lockdown with the latest Newtracs iOS app update

Updated: May 14, 2020

UPDATED 14 May 2020 - The Victorian government has recently announced that Victorians are now permitted to leave their homes for outdoor recreation day trips, including hunting, fishing and 4wding! This excludes overnight trips, so no camping just yet!

Your first camping, fishing or 4wding trip after COVID19 lockdown restrictions will be significant - because after being in lockdown for over a month you will have learned to appreciate the freedom to get away and explore one of the most vast and beautiful landscapes in the world.

As of today, multiple Australian states have lifted lockdown restrictions to allow outdoor recreation including Western Australia, Nothern Territory and Queensland. Other states are holding firm on their restrictions, with Victoria opting to keep all restrictions in place for now.

Supporting small communities

Stopping for a snack at the Dargo pub
Stopping for a snack at the Dargo pub

Whatever your situation, once we can finally get out to the bush again, remember to visit local towns (whilst practising social distancing!) to stock up on fuel and supplies. Almost all of these towns have been hit hard economically - first from the devastating bushfires earlier this year and now due to the virus.

A good way to support these communities is to venture out with an empty esky to fill up on fuel and supplies along the way to your destination.

Latest Newtracs iOS app update: smoother and more feature-rich

Whether we can get away or not, we can all spend time now planning the next adventure. The Newtracs team has been keeping busy improving our iOS app with our latest update. We are also busy building Newtracs for Android.

With the latest update, the iOS app runs smoother with more fluid map panning and is now compatible with iOS dark mode. We have also introduced a new button to manually sync all saved user data (favourite tracks, trip logs and dropped pins) recorded on other devices, as well as refreshing the Newtracs 4wd track data.

We've also added a few new features to the map including a heading indicator so you can see which way you are facing, and a new map mode which follows your direction of travel as you log a trip (press the map centre button to toggle on / off).

Try Newtracs Premium free for 1 month

The best way to plan your next 4wd trip is with a Newtracs Premium package, as this provides access to unrivaled detail on track conditions including location of difficult spots and obstacles along a track, information on average speed & time to complete a tracks, and information on recent traffic up the track including the last time someone went through.

If you haven't tried Newtracs Premium before, for a limited time you can now try it for free for 1 month with an annual Newtracs Premium subscription ($99.99).

If you're not keen to continue after the first month you can cancel your premium subscription and revert back to using the free version. You can access this deal from within the iOS app right now. Grab yourself a bargain today!

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