Aug 19

Is this just an idevice app? Android/playstore available?!


Would be interesting to know. Is there an Android app on the way and how long do think it will take?

Hi apologies for the late reply - we are currently working through an Android build and planning to launch it around end of year.

Great news thanks for the reply

Super keen on Android app too.

I do have an iPad however that does not seem to work.


Also, great potential here. Fantastic using crowd data.

Thanks Ben! The app should work on iPad - can you describe what isnt working on yours?

@Newtracs hey. It just wouldn't logon. Would say user not found despite being copy pasted. I can retest this arvo when I get home.


Was also running in a compact mode, not full screen.

Oct 10

You'll need to create a new account when using the iOS app as we have moved to a new system and the old one hasn't been migrated across. We will soon phase out the old system. I realise this is annoying. Re iPad screen, the app is essentially optimised for iPhone right now so won't fill the screen fully on iPad. But it should function the same.

am just having a look at the forum on my pc and can only see half the posts and replys.


just thought i would let you know.

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