Newtracs is a crowdsourced 4wd track database.  It addresses a current problem often experienced by users of 4wd tracks in Australia, which is:  


It's difficult to find current information on 4wd track conditions and difficulty.  Information is often dispersed across many sources including forums, social media, and official government sites.  The information is often outdated, spans different media types and often lacks mobile / offline functionality.


Part of the reason this issue exists is because current methods of surveying roads are labour intensive (expensive) so often tracks are surveyed infrequently.  And sometimes you are relying on one man's opinion, which varies from person to person.

Newtracs addresses these core problems by taking the subjectivity out of the decision making.  Our proprietary platform is able to analyse trip logs collected by users to accurately assess the condition and difficulty grade of a 4wd track without any user input or opinion.  Reports are submitted via our mobile app every time you log a off-road trip.  In this way track info can be kept current by ensuring the process of information collection is more streamlined, frequent and simple.


Our track grading closely follows the grade definitions established and maintained by the Four Wheel Drive Association of Australia.  You can find more information about these grades here.  When making a judgement on which track to attempt, users should check this resource to determine if their vehicle and experience is suitable for certain track grades.



Newtracs was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2017 by James Nuccio, an avid 4wder and outdoors enthusiast.  His goal was simple - build an app that makes exploring the Australian bush safer and more accessible to the wider population.

James Nuccio - Newtracs Found & CEO